The Reminder

Sep 8


If you are having some odd or inexplicable issues (like an extra empty note being added / displayed, unable to delete or add note etc.) try this first:

  1. Delete all the ‘reminders / notes’ you added.
  2. Right-click The Reminder speed dial, and click Uninstall to remove The Reminder extension.

  3. From the Opera menu (top-left corner), select Settings -> Delete Private Data … .
  4. In the Delete Private Data window, click on Detailed Options.
  5. Now make sure that Delete entire cacheDelete persistent storage and Delete plug-in data are checked.

  6. Click on the Delete button.
  7. Exit (close) Opera.
  8. Start (open) Opera again.
  9. Now reinstall The Reminder extension again from .

If the issues still persist, please let me know using the Online Support form. It is also highly recommended that you update and use the latest version of Opera.

Download The Reminder

(Make sure you have the latest version of the Opera web browser.)

An Opera Extension to Remember Stuff


The Reminder extension allows you to save notes in your Opera web browser, and displays them in an Opera Speed Dial so that you are constantly reminded about it. 

1. Simple, Effective Design 
The colour of the Speed Dial changes whenever a different note is displayed. This brings your attention to the Speed Dial, even if you have forgotten about it, and ensures you read your note(s).

2. Easy to Use  
Just right-click the Speed Dial, select ‘Preferences’ and add as many notes as you want.

3. Customizable
Use default browser font and change the delay between display of each note to suit your preference.

4. Free to Modify
The source code of the extension is available for free and is released under the open source GPL 3 license.


Download and try out The Reminder extension using the latest version of Opera browser. (Please use the online support page to report any problem with the extension or to ask for a new feature.)